Over the years, online sales have become more lucrative than before. Many people are turning to sales funnels and getting successful at it. Offline businesses have turned online. But what is the secret and how does it work?

The secret tactic is known as copywriting. There are several courses, which I will introduce later here on this blog, that you can subscribe to and learn more.

Wait… so what is this, Kopy writing?

Copywriting is a common term in online marketing. It is basically the art and science of writing text that compels people to do something, mostly into buying. It involves writing banner adverts, Ezine adverts, Search Engine adverts, Advertorials, Billboard advertising, self-mailers… and many more.

There are two types of copywriting: B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumer) copywriting. Although they are both lucrative, B2C copywriting seemed simpler to me, although I am still pursuing B2B copywriting.

So, in my terms, copywriting is mainly used to persuade a person into buying a product. The more you know a person, the better the copy.

For B2C copywriting, imagine yourself talking one-on-one with the customer and convince them to buy a product. Let’s say you are at a supermarket, then a customer asks you for advice on the best beauty cream. How would you market the product to them without seemingly being one sided?

For B2B copywriting, imagine yourself selling a product to a CEO in his/her office. You will rarely flatter or joke around. Instead, you will get straight to the point, showcase your products, and state the product’s features and benefits. If needed, you will also give a discount to the company if they buy bulk content (this works best.)

When it comes to copywriting, you just have to put this ^^ in writing.

So, how does copywriting work?

I like Bobby from kopywritingkourse.com, he explains the course in an amusing manner. He uses animations to explain about copywriting.

Here is an illustration.

A person, let’s call him… Bobby. Bobby is a business owner. He has potential customers who have shown great interest in his product but did not buy it. Instead, they signed up to his email sales letters and would like to learn more about the product before they purchase. Therefore, Bobby decides to send him them an Email. He is astonished to find that the trick did not pay off.

He calls a copywriter and inquires to know what the problem is. After careful analysis, the copywriter finds out that the problem is within the copy.

Here is a snippet of the sales letter.

Boring copy

As you can see, Bobby wants to earn money from the customer. That is obvious, and he knows that everybody is clear on that. So, he thinks there is no reason for hiding it.

However, the copywriter advises him otherwise. And in the process, Bobby makes more sales.

So, there are right and wrong ways in which you can approach copywriting, which may determine your conversion rate. You may not be as direct as Bobby, buy the reader would clearly see that you are in for something, and they would not like it.

A sales copy has several requirements that need to be met for conversion. I will only talk about a few here but I will explain the rest later.

The key ones are:

  • Features and benefits.

So basically, copywriting is a way of putting features and benefits together in a smart way that helps attract and ensure sales and leads. I believe it is not the first time you found yourself having purchased a product due to the number of times it was advertised to you…

Some say that this is psychology, while others claim that the benefits are the human basic needs and, therefore, they cannot resist if pressured hard enough. Either way, you have to find out what your customers need, put together a sales copy, and then get the leads.

  • Making the deal.

This is what we call as the call to action. After giving your long and captivating speech, it is rude not to tell your reader what your main point is. On a serious note, there is no point in crafting a copy if you do not intend to put a call for action.

However, do not just pressure Mr. Moneybags to buy, buy, buy so that you can get rich. You will find yourself on the blacklist… instead, approach him/her with a decent call for action and a benefit that they will rip.

So, how can this… Kopy writing help my business?

The main purpose of copy, whether it is on a blog, ad, or even in an Email, is to answer three significant questions…

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Why should I buy?
  3. Why not get it from your competitors?

These are the fundamental questions that a reader asks before he buys your product. Your job as a seller is to answer all of them on one copy piece.

Call for action.

Now, are you ready to cruise and improve your business? Do you want to increase those leads and sales? Just follow me on my Facebook group and I will keep you posted on the latest tips and tricks to keep your business tipsy.

Be awesome.