The main idea of writing is passing the message across. With poor content, one can lose customers and irritate them away. Therefore, content must be flair, high-quality, and communicative.

Recently, I found a discussion on social media where a person was arguing with others about the content that should be written in sales letters. Should we use simple English or ghetto language?

Well… For me, I felt that companies ought to understand the common language among customers and use it to boost leads and sales. Many companies are good at this. However, some push it too far. They use too much vulgar that is annoying and at times disgusting. The use of vulgar language and insults can increase or reduce sales on your business drastically. It is a risk you shouldn’t take unless you have tried it in person.

70% of the global population doesn’t appreciate the vulgar language. It is visible from the number of Facebook users who curse and abuse; very few and from specific locations. These are not business people. As much as the business etiquette is required in businesses, etiquette is also necessary for sales writing.

But what makes a lousy language in writing?

For us to realize proper writing, we need to discuss poor writings that can push your customers away. Here are some of the mistakes you shouldn’t make while writing:

  • Poor grammar.

A while back, I used to write software and gadget reviews. However, I used to target word count and the number of articles rather than the outreach. Therefore, I usually messed up and wrote a poor grammar that could be barely understood. I had very many visitors but few reads.

You don’t need to write perfect, you need to create a conversation. It is easier for your customers to remember your product if you use comfortable and memorable terms. However, ensure a nice flow from beginning to end. You can achieve this by reading the article thrice or as many times as possible.

  • Offensive language.

Do not confuse ghetto terms with offensive terms. Most people have a history with words. For a middle-aged black man, for instance, some words might be very offensive depending on how they were used on his mother or father back in the days. Mentioning such terms may trigger unpleasant memories and make them shift pages.

You also have a history with specific terms. When used near you or to you, there is always a burning feeling inside you. It happens to me all the time.

  • Cruel and rude remarks

Another common mistake is giving harsh and offensive comments to your potential customers. If someone doesn’t have money at the time, it may seem cruel to call them deprived or disadvantaged. The same applies in writing.

Don’t call people names or make remarks about them. Once I found a post on Facebook where the writer made a sharp statement about people having poor language skills. Instead of moving people, he made people analyze his text and make harsh comments on him.

It happens all the time. Ensure to keep yourself neutral.

  • Pointing to other people’s work.

Lastly, don’t point out other people directly. Pointing out other people creates a feud between you. In normal cases, nobody wants to be involved in disputes that don’t concern them. This makes them avoid starting a conversation with you.

Consequently, you can even market your opponent’s product. In my country, for instance, the politicians who point out and abuse others in public end up losing their seats to their opponents. It is human nature to sympathize with others, and if your enemy is a good hypocrite, you will definitely lose votes.

It also happens all the time. Pointing out only makes you look jealous. Don’t do that.

How to improve sales writing.

Instead, here are five steps you can take to better your sales

  1. Research your audiences’ background and their standard terms.
  2. Find and talk to some customers.
  3. Find out their problems.
  4. Answer some questions on social media and forums.
  5. Ask for feedback from some customers whenever you write a post.