Some individuals and companies at times reach me with issues about their Advertising budgets. They claim that they have great products and services and spend hefty bills on promotions, yet they don’t generate much sales and leads.

After long conversations and analysis, I always ask one thing: did you start by researching your audience before promoting?

Most people claim that they followed the guidelines on significant websites and advertised accordingly… You see, things do not work as simple as that. In this post, I will guide you on the steps you can take to ensure maximum results.

There are several ways to improve your marketing efforts. Different niches expect different results, and we can’t all expect equal leads and sales. However, if you take the right steps in your marketing, you will not only generate more leads, you will get consistent followers and reach the right audience.

The first step is to;

  • Understanding your target market and the right message to pass across; the perfect offer. 

Understanding your target market.

Many marketing efforts fail because there’s no understanding of the target market/audience. But the truth is, you can only sell to someone you know. If you don’t know your target market you may end up presenting your offer in a weird way. They may wonder if the products are designed to fix their problem.

In other words, to sell to someone, you must understand some things about that person that will enable you to close the deals faster. Some of the things are:

  • Your target market motivation for buying
  • Where they’re (they’re before state)
  • What they have been offered before
  • Where they want to be ( their ideal after state)
  • How it was provided to them.

The clear understanding of all that’s is listed above will enable you to know how to sell to your target market.

The perfect offer.

Your message is essential, in fact, it is what determines whether or not a customer buys. You must bond your message with the print media. Whether it is on a newspaper, Radio, Television or on the internet, it serves as a salesperson, so how you present it will determine the result, you will get at the end of your promotion or marketing.

The essence of your target market study is to enable you to come up with a message that suits and meets your target market needs at a particular point in time.

It’s necessary that when preparing your message you do the following:

  1. Think like your target market (your buyer) not as a marketer
  2. Think about the things you buy- and why you buy them. If you can understand why people buy selling will be easy
  3.  Remember that your message is the link between your product/ service and your target market
  4. Remember that apart from getting attention, explaining the product, being persuasive, your message must overcome your target market distrust and get them to believe you.

With all this in place, there’ll be no case of spending hefty dollars on Ads without rolling in the required sales and leads.