The Best Fire Pits in the Market in 2022

The ideal way to extend summer into fall and winter is with a fire pit. Fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor area, giving you a nice place to roast sweet potatoes, cook hot dogs, or relax in the warmth.

Fire pits come in different styles, sizes, and prices. Depending on your preferences, you can either buy a cheap, high-performance fire pit that will save you some dollars or one that is more pricey and fancy.  Most of these fire pits come with additions like cooking grates so you can gather around the fire and enjoy your cooking as you talk the evening away.

Suppose you’re looking to buy a fire pit for the first time or replace an old one. We’ve compiled a list of 12 fire pits that are bestsellers, highly ranked, stylish, and durable from our retail partners. Read on and choose one that best suits your yard and keeps you warm throughout the year.

Top 12 Fire Pits Most Loved by Our Clients

  1. Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Balls
  2. Metropolis Fire Table
  3. Light Gray Ettinger 12” H x 39” W Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table
  4. Retreat Outdoor Fire Bowl
  5. Yolo stove Yukon 2.0
  6. Whistler Rectangular Fire Table, Glacier Grey
  7. Aura Collection
  8. Yountville Round Fire Table, Weathered Greystone
  9. Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit
  10. Form Cement Fire Pit
  11. Angled Obelisk Chiminea
  12. Grand Fire Ring Fire Pit

1. Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Balls

Price: $3,900.00

Dimensions:  51.7″ L  by 33.7″ W  by 14″ H

Gas Powered

It’s a three-in-one patio heater, tabletop, and cook space piece. It wins the mark for design and style for outdoor entertainment spaces. The Glass fiber reinforced concrete cement makes production less laborious and helps to keep emissions at a minimum.

To start this Fire Pit Table, turn on the soft-light ignition system and slowly release gas from a propane tank. (Not included in the table purchase and comes with a 9.8 ft  Propane Gas Hose).

The fire table sufficiently provides 55,000 BTUs of warmth and enhances the elegance of your backyard with its ceramic stones. This sleek rectangular table is movable and has a cover, which you need to remove to reveal the fire.  Even though it appears to be a large piece of furniture, it only weighs 165 pounds.

The table includes the fire pit and ceramic balls of 3″ DIA. Optional accessories like the splatter, guard stands, and griddle allow you to create a cookout space where everybody can cook, dine, and interact.

The fire pit table is easy to maintain, and you use a soft cloth or sponge and warm soapy water to wipe the concrete surface. As the need arises, gently wash the griddle pan and splatter guard with warm soapy water and dry properly before storage. Make it a routine to also brush or vacuum excess carbon deposits on ceramic balls, and do not forget to wipe the propane tank cover.

2. Metropolis Fire Table

Price: $1,799.00

Dimensions: 56″ (L) x 32″ (W) x 14″ (H)

Burner Pan Internal Dimensions: 20.3″ (L) x 2″ (H) Burner Length: 12″

This Elementi Metropolis Fire Table is the perfect addition to your household. Made with stainless steel and glass-fiber reinforced concrete, this 168 Pounds rectangular fire pit is durable and is ideal for the poolside, patio, backyard, deck, or other outdoor living space.

It is an amazingly efficient 45,000 BTU Propane fire pit table. One of its admirable features is the electric auto-ignition with an auto safety shut-off responsible for the smokeless flame.

The fire pit table comes with a type 304 stainless steel burner, a burning pan, and a pre-attached 10-foot hose with a regulator to a 20 lb. (5 gallons) propane tank. Place the gas tank externally since this fire pit table does not have insufficient space to accommodate it. It is easy to light, and you can enjoy its warmth for 10-12 hours as you adjust the height of the flames when necessary.

The Metropolis Fire Table comes with 13.2 lbs of Lava Rock ($41) and a Canvas Cover ($69). Their values are included in the table’s price. Other separately sold accessories include a Square Tank Cover, stainless steel lid, and a Windscreen.

The Metropolis Fire Table’s patio flame is CE and CSA-certified, providing a warm and safe bonfire experience. Keep yourself warm around the fire table and admire the gyrating flames on the lava rock.

3. Light Gray Ettinger 12” H x 39” W Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Price: $739.99

Overall Dimensions: 12” H x 39” W x 39” D

Fire Bowl Dimensions: 19.6” W x 19.6” D

This Ettinger 12″ H x 39″ W Table is ideal for cold days and warm evenings needs. This 83 lb fire pit table comes assembled; lift it and place it on your favorite outdoor spot. The table does not occupy much space thanks to its compact design, which features a complete tank holder.

The blocky shape of this fire pit table adds a sophisticated look to your back deck or patio. The fire pit table’s push-button ignition generates 50,000 BTUs of heat and lava rock fill. The table includes a 60-inch fuel hose.

Enjoy the snuggling ambiance of the adjustable dancing flames from the best propane-gas Fire Pit Table without lifting a finger to load logs or scoop out soot.

4. Retreat Outdoor Fire Bowl

Price: $3,599.00

Dimensions: Width: 38″ by Depth: 38″ by Height: 14″

Transform your deck into a classy space with the propane-fuelled Retreat Outdoor Fire Bowl. This ultra-modern, glass-reinforced concrete fire pit is lightweight yet long-lasting. The concrete curves a clean-lined bowl filled with black lava rocks, creating a balance of organic and industrial beauty.

The pit fire bowl includes a 10′ LP hose with regulator and tank seat to place the tank (outside of bowl). This outdoor-use-only fire pit has a heat output of 60,000 BTUs and features a match and key valve ignition.

The brass burner system on the fire pit uses eight jets to generate rich, attractive flames that make everyone want to gather around. This fire pit has a matching round cover with an easy-access lid, which covers the propane tank (not included) while also acting as a side table.

With its irresistibly flickering flames, warmth and charm, you are not likely to resist this ultra-modern fire bowl, whether during chilly nights or cool days. Enjoy 20lb propane tank heat-generated warmth for 22 hours on low and 7.3 hours on high. Depending on your shipping address and delivery method, you may need a technician for assembly.

5. Yolo stove Yukon 2.0

Price: $399.99

Dimensions: Diameter: 27 in | 68.5 cm x Height: 17 in | 43 cm x  Weight: 41.6 lbs | 18.9 kg

The Yolo stove Yukon 2.0 is a big smokeless fire pit for all. Solo Stove Fire Pits have recently gained popularity, with Solo Stove Yukon being the best wood-burning version.

With a 23 inches diameter mouth and a top measuring 27 inches across, the Yukon is adequate to accommodate full-size firewood logs. Generally, this lustrous-looking fire pit is made of stainless steel, which makes it robust enough to serve you for many years.

Like other solo stove products, Yukon features a classic airflow system that allows sufficient oxygen flow for better combustion. Matters performance, Yukon fire pit, is far more impactful than Solo Stove Ranger.

Yukon is easy to light, and a fire starts in approximately five minutes. Once the logs catch fire, they burn continuously for hours, all of them without much residue. The ash and residue (if any) are collected in the fire pit’s new removable base Plate and ash Pan. Besides Solo Pit Ranger, the Yukon fire pit produces less smoke than other pits.

Yukon also comes with optional accessories such as a metal stand and a rain cover, each costing $65 and $60, respectively. Although the fire pit is easy to maintain, its weight (38 pounds) does not favor regular movement around the yard or patio. The fire pit generates high temperatures, so children and adults should exercise caution around it for safety purposes. Remember that the stainless material used to build Yukon can be hazardous since it gets hot too.

6. Whistler Rectangular Fire Table, Glacier Grey

Price: $2,621.00

Dimensions: 50.5″L  by 32.5″W  by 15.75″H

If you are merely looking for a fire pit that will define your outdoor space, the Whistler Rectangle Fire is your ideal option. With its striking design and classic style, you will be in awe at the elegance the glacier grey or Kodiak brown finish will add to your backyard. It is weather elements, UV and rust-resistant, thus ideal for outdoors.

Convert this 210lb fire table with the included matching burner lid into an outdoor coffee table when not in use.

This cast MGO and steel fire table utilizes either propane (tank not included) or natural gas. The propane tank must sit outside the fire table with its 20lbs and whose burn time is 20 hours (low setting ) and 6.5 hours (high setting).

With the battery-operated push-button ignition, light your fire, generate 65,000 BTUs, and adjust flames to your liking. For a prolonged product life, assemble your product and safely use and clean it regularly.

7. Aura Collection

Price: $3,520.00

Dimensions: 36 inch X 42 inch X 48 inch  X52 inch

Gift yourself the most modern AURA fire table and enjoy the spectacular ambiance of the flame as you sip your favorite beverages on the table’s surface.

The Aura’s style undoubtedly adds aesthetic value to your outdoor living. With its soft curvatures and clean lines, this centerpiece displays a vibrant wave of fire for the eyes to behold.

It is made of concrete, ranked as a High-performer, and has the best Industry-leading warranty. An advanced version of this fire pit comes in various sizes and colors, such as Pewter, Ivory, millstone, sand, taupe, gall, charcoal, and inkwell. Order some rolled lava and smooth basalt if you opt for an infill.

The fire pit is compatible with aluminum, TOPO tabletops, glass wind guard, electronic ignition, all-weather cover, tank cover, and propane kit. You can use either a hard piped or an external tank of natural gas or propane. This fire bowl features manual ignition, although you can order an upgraded version with electronic ignition.

Setting up the fire requires finding a certified plumber to connect gas and an electrician for electronic ignition fixing.

8. Yountville Round Fire Table, Weathered Greystone

Price: $6,865.00

Dimensions: 40″ diam x 16″H x Burner: 18″ diam

Designed only for outdoors, this geometrically economized, rustic, and handcrafted textured fire pit offers a bold, rudimentary presence in your backyard. The concrete composite used to skilfully craft gives the fire pit a weathered appearance.

It is considerably light (401lbs) and durable compared to pure stone or concrete. Use your matches to light this 65,000BTUs rated smokeless fire pit, and use the flame control to adjust the flames.

The fire pit utilizes natural gas, which should be attached to natural gas by a licensed contractor, gas supplier, or service company. If you are using propane whose burn time is 8.5 hours, attach the 10′ commercial-grade connector hose to the 20lb propane tanks (not included in purchase). It would help if you used a propane tank to cover it to maintain some attractiveness since the table will not conceal it.

This CSA-approved clean-burning fire pit features high-grade stainless steel burners and recessed stainless steel risers, which aid in leveling the table.

9. Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit

Price: $598.00

Dimensions: 23″H, 35″ diameter x Burn area: 11″H 28″ diameter

Made with sturdy powder-coated steel, the Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit is the perfect iron to choose for your backyard and patio. This portable, weather, UV light, and rust-resistant fire pit require minimal maintenance.

It is multi-colored, comes with vinyl storage, a log grate spark screen, and a poker, and is not for use on wooden decks. Over time, the fire pit’s steel base will naturally develop an oxidized patina.

Assemble your  27 pounds fire pit, and start generating heat of 0-9999 depending on your size. When not in use, cover it with protective storage cover. This freestanding fire pit can is convenient to use. You can move it to any outdoor spot of your preference without any hassle.

10. Form Cement Fire Pit

Price: $999.00

Dimensions: Height: 9.8″ x Diameter: 38″

Form Cement Fire Pit is a Studio Anansi creation with a unique dish shape, which sets a model platform for flames. The fire pit’s building materials include a contemporary charcoal finish, including cement, sand, and fiberglass composite.

This fire pit’s intended use is strictly wood burning and not cooking or grilling. Also, ensure you only use it only on fireproof surfaces.

Once the fire pit is cool, safely cover it for protection against the elements. To clean the fire pit, empty the ash and gently wipe it using a soft cloth. 

11. Angled Obelisk Chiminea

Price: $398.00


Small: 49″H, 17″W, 17″ L

Large: 63″H, 22″W, 22″ L

The Angled Obelisk Chiminea fire pit is one of the best fire pits and an elegant accessory to your patio. It is built from a single raw, heavy-gauge, heat-resistant steel alloy, which develops a stable, rush-like finish when exposed to the elements.

This pre-oxidized fire pit is only for outdoor use and may develop more rust if kept outdoors for long periods. A soft piece of cloth will suffice when cleaning time comes.

You will find the fire pit in two sizes, small and large, and in rust and black colors.

12. Grand Fire Ring Fire Pit

Price: $570.15

Dimensions: Height: 12″ x Diameter:  48″ x burning Area Width 31″

No matter your location, evenings will be when you need a backyard fire to warm yourself with family or friends. In this case, the traditional round-shaped Grand Fire Ring fire pit is the best bet. Gather the burning sticks, pile the wood, and sit back and revel in the glow.

They are made with premium Rockwood bricks, a U.S. Park Service grade steel held together by the Super-Stik mortar. Your fire pit will continue to look as if freshly built, thanks to the mortar adhesive’s ability to lower the risk of uneven surfaces brought on by the settling of the bricks.

Unlike some fire pits, you do not have to be stuck with one color since this fire pit comes in a range of colors; Desert, Santa Fe, Beechwood, Bluestone, or onyx. The fire pit does not only provide warmth but also gives you the option to cook while at it. The fire pit accommodates a removable 300 sq. inch Swivel Cooking Grate made of heavy gauge welded steel and has an anti-theft feature.

Other optional features include a Steel Cover to secure the pit while not in use and a wet-cast chiseled edge limestone cap.

It is typical for fire open fire to spit out debris and sparks. The Grand Fire Ring optional E-Z Access Spark Screen will help to keep debris out, sparks, and ash in. To remove the ash, scoop it out just as you do to a regular campfire. If necessary, request your builder to install an ash pan during assembly.

Final Thought

Besides creating a comfy and warm atmosphere, fire pits also add a classy look to the outdoors. From the best fire pits discussed in this article, you can choose one that best fits your needs. While at it, it is essential to consider redesigning your backyard to match your fire pit’s elegance. 

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