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Each year, termites and ants cost homeowners millions of damages. To exterminate them, you first must identify the infestation in your home. So, in this article, we examine each insect’s physical and behavioral characteristics.  

Differences Between an Ant and a Termite Wings

Both termites and ants produce winged reproductives to spread their colonies. Termite wings are uniform, but ants have two large forewings and two small hindwings. Sometimes you only find wings on the floor. Check them for uniformity to identify the infestation you have.  

How They Build Nests

Termites and ants interact with wood differently. Termites eat the wood in which they rest, and they build mud tubes outside of walls or between the soil and wood. These tubes serve as passageways for travel.

Carpenter ants dig wood to excavate nests. They do not eat wood. So, if you find small piles of wood shavings or frass below the holes, know you have a carpenter ant infestation. 

Ants dig out smooth tunnels and galleries, but termites build rough, ragged, and mud-filled tunnels. 

Their Color Differences

Termite workers are transparent, light, or creamy white compared to ant workers, which are reddish or dark colored. They avoid light, and you’ll rarely notice them unless they’re disturbed. Ant workers frequent the open ground while foraging for food. 

Their Antennae and Body Shapes

Termites have straight, beaded antennae, while carpenter ants have bent antennae. Ants and their winged reproductive have the recognized body shape with three body segments. Although termites have three body parts, their waists are not as thin as ants’.

How To Get Rid of Termites and Ants

Because the two insects are so different, effective control measures are also different. To eradicate carpenter ants, you must eliminate the conditions that attract them to your home. 

Carpenter ants hang around areas where there’s moisture. To eliminate them, you must ensure proper ventilation in your home. Termites are difficult to exterminate. Get a professional termite exterminator to rid of them. 

Final Verdict: What Are the Differences Between an Ant and a Termite

It’s easy to detect a termite or ant infestation, as you may see wood shavings or mud tubes on your compound. If you don’t control them, both insects can damage your home in two to four years.

To identify the infestation, check the insects’ wings sizes, their body shape and antennae, the color of their workers, and the types of homes they build. Finally, if you want to eradicate termites or ants from your home, call us today for immediate assistance. 

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