Top 5 Sports Americans Bet On

The sports betting industry has grown significantly thanks to the sports wagering legalisation activities in the US. The industry generated $7.4 billion in 2022, accounting for over 20% of global revenues. The trend is expected to continue, and we expect to see a market volume of $15.75 billion by 2028. 

In 2023, the most significant bets happen online as modern sports betting sites have become more secure, supporting anonymous wagering. Online bookies are so popular that you can bet on virtually any sport. But what sports should you bet on? 

Read on to find out which sports most Americans bet on. We hope you can use the info to narrow down your search. 

1. American Football

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NFL football is perhaps the most popular sport in the US. Being the highest-rated and most-ranked sport in the US, it makes sense that many fans stream to online betting sites every Sunday. The NFL has 32 teams, including renowned names like the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, and the games are always competitive. 

Sports fans also like to bet on college football games. The games are packed with a lot of excitement, producing great rivalries around the country and intense matches every Saturday. Most casino sites offer many betting options, including props,  game lines, futures, and more, giving you plenty of ways to get involved. 

2. Soccer

Soccer has approximately 250 million players across 200 countries, and has the largest fan base of 3.5 billion people. It’s treasured among bettors since it’s easy to understand and has plenty of matches to bet on. Popular soccer leagues to watch out for include the Premier League, Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League. 

Soccer rules are simple, but the types of soccer bets are limitless. The most common is betting on either team to win a match. You can also place draw, halftime, money line, point spread, double chance, and correct score bets. You can’t get bored watching a game with so many betting options.  

3. Ice Hockey

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Ice hockey is a popular sport in the US where players wear skates and compete on an ice rink. The National Hockey League pits together 25 of the most competitive clubs in the US and 7 in Canada to produce the most exciting matches. The NHL games are highly publicised with many betting options to choose from. 

Ice hockey has many betting options. Most players wager on the money line, where you pick the winner of the game. It’s the simplest form of betting and best for novice bettors. You can also wager on the puck line, where you think a team will win by a certain number of goals. 

4. Basketball

Basketball is played between two teams of five players who score goals by shooting the ball through a defender’s netted hoop. The game started in the US and grew to become one of the most popular games in the world. In sports betting, the NBA is the most popular professional league. 

The league has many high-profile players, exciting games, and betting options. You can wager on the game’s point spread, money line, or total score. Sportsbooks also offer in-game and live wagering options, where sportsbooks offer ever-changing lines as the games unfold. 

5. Baseball

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Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each. The players bat and attempt to score runs while the defending teams attempt to stop them from scoring. There are many baseball leagues in the US, including Major League Baseball, the National League, the American League, and the International League. 

Baseball offers unique betting options for beginners and dedicated sports fans. The four main types of bets include moneyline, run line, proposition, and totals. Prevalent bookmakers might allow you to wager on live matches, where you can wager on a game that has already started. 

How to Choose Sports to Bet On

There are lots of reasons to consider one sport over the next to bet on. However, you should always consider games that you’re familiar with. After understanding the game, find tools to help you analyse teams and learn who’s dominating the matches. Study lineups, injuries, transfers, and other factors that could impact a game. 

Each sport has different rules and variables. For instance, games like American Football and soccer can be affected by the weather. Therefore, it’s good to adjust your strategy for each game. Find out what works for some sports and what doesn’t. 


Sports betting in America has been increasing in popularity as more states continue to allow customers to wager legally. The industry is booming raising billions of dollars per year. 

Players have more sports betting options aside from dog and horse racing games. Learn the top five sports that Americans bet on. Find out what betting options the games offer before choosing your favourite game. 

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