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B2B/B2C Direct Response Copywriter for Hire.

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Are you looking for a freelancer who can help you get your website to the next level? 

Do you want to establish your business and stand out from your online competitors using SEO marketing, continually updating your prospects through email, Ebooks, whitepapers or even Facebook Ads? 

Whether you are thinking about starting your business from scratch or continually updating your website content on a weekly basis, I can help.

Dear Editor,

My name is Alex Muiruri. You probably have read multiple of my articles by now. If you haven’t, check my portfolio. I am content and copywriter, who is passionate about tech, health, finances, and much more stuff. I have been featured on Thrive Global, Medium, and many other websites.

I am 100% sure that I am the right guy for you. My research skills are impeccable, and I never disappoint. Just hit me up with your needs for your website and the design you want, then we can start from there.

So why work with me?

You see, there are 1 billion websites online today and many more being created every day. In the tech and health niches alone, there are more than 1 million websites live today. The only way to stand out is to create original content that is fluent and customer oriented.

I don’t own a keyword stuffing company. In fact, I don’t like the art. If you have done proper research, you should know that Google researchers recommend that you write naturally and the keyword count will flow. I do the same. Once written nicely, content flows nicely, and it is easy for you to capture your audience. With a huge audience, you can easily rank and make more sales.

I also understand how time-consuming it is to build your website from scratch without help. Procrastination is inevitable, at times you cannot revise your work well, and you publish poor content to avoid losing time. That is why you need a helping hand. I will let you rest as I create a website for you from scratch. All you need to do is tell me whether you like it or not.

My offer:

I will personally analyze your website, create a strategy for you for FREE, and If you like it, we shall commence the writing process.

Here is what you will get:

It’s more like an SEO Copywriting Success really: Grow Your Business by Helping Clients Get Better Google Rankings.

I will analyze your products and content on your e-commerce store or affiliate website and create a strategy for you with the right approach that you should take. If you already have a plan, I can help you write the best product reviews and descriptions that will rank and make sales.

Here I will recommend longer posts of about 2000-3000 words.

So get ready to rank!

Email marketing is still the way to make more sales. Most of your prospects have professional emails which they wouldn’t allow spam. You must get in there.

This is why, as an entrepreneur, I believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more critical than it is now. But there’s a problem; most people don’t know how to do it right. So in the interest of furthering best practices and helping you succeed as a business owner, let me help you deliver to your audience the content they need

Within a month, we shall create an Email strategy that will ensure high conversion rates.

Let’s start now!

Having no website can make you lose a lot of potential clients. Do not make excuses, creating a site can be boring, but it does not mean that you shouldn’t have one.

Within a month, you can have your website ready and shining. No need to worry about copy or content, I will cater all that for you. This is a limited offer, and I will have to work with you one-on-one through a Whatsapp call as we analyze and create the perfect sitemap for your website. A sitemap that is easy for Search Engines to crawl and rank your content.

Let us start building now!

A landing page is the most relevant page for an online business since it determines your conversion rate. The best landing pages convert at 11.45% or higher. 

If a landing page is good enough, and your prospects are solution-aware, the sales rates increase. However, a poorly written landing page does not receive many conversions as expected.

Let us do it for you and see the results increment now!

  • Content writing.

And why write web content on your own when you can hire a professional writer?

I will write content not only to engage but to compel your readers to take action

If you just need content for your blog, you are lucky indeed. I already have a team who understand how to create compelling material and can also engage your audience and convert casual readers into enthusiastic followers.


Read my writing process here and contact me so that we can start working immediately.

We have a lot of expertise working in multiple genres. Our writers have more than 3 years of experience and have worked on more than 30,000 words today, I’ll do my best to find the best freelance writer with the skills you need at a price that suits your budget — mostly our charges range between $0.05 and $1.00 per word.

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