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I'm Sarah, a software engineer based in Chicago. I currently work on the blockchain team at Amberdata, where we develop technologies that deliver the world's leading comprehensive digital assets dataset.

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Alex Muiruri

Nairobi County, Kenya
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Jobs: Freelance Copywriter, Technical Writer, Web Content Writer, Laravel Developer and Full Stack System Developer

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Blog Writing, SEO Writing, Tech Writing, Proofreading, Documentation Writing, React, PHP, Laravel, Jquery, MySQL, APIs, and OAuth

Most companies I work for have an unconvinced audience with general knowledge about subject matters but not enough information to make informed decisions.

Their audiences are learners, researchers, and experts who don’t want cliche, jargon, or obvious facts; they want in-depth guides that will give them the confidence to say, “Now I know what to do!”

If this is your kind of audience, you’re in the right place. Check out some of my recent articles to see if my style and tone match your desires.

CMS for Writers and Project Managers Using PHP & MySQL

I’ve created a short five-minute video to illustrate a PHP project that I’ve been working on recently. The application is designed for project and content managers to help them manage tasks, writers, billings, and invoices easier. On the project, I used Bootstrap and BlackDashboard CSS, Tinymce, Jquery, and other libraries to make it more interactive. […]

PHP Was Dead 10 Years Ago, Right?

Ten years ago, tech pundits predicted the demise of PHP in web development. They claimed that the rise of modern frameworks, like Ruby on Rails and Node.js, would render the programming language obsolete.  However, contrary to their speculations, PHP has not only survived but thrived over the past decade. Considering that 79% of websites use […]

The importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool modern businesses use to connect with their target audience, increase visibility, and drive sales. It encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics, each with its unique benefits and challenges. SEO could be the most critical aspect of digital marketing. You’ve probably heard that it pulls traffic and improves […]

Accelerate Your Business Growth through Digital Transformation: Key Insights from Jane’s Tech Company

Digital transformation is no longer optional for companies looking to accelerate their growth and remain competitive. In 2022, global digital transformation expenditure was projected to reach $1.6 trillion. That figure might surpass $3.4 trillion by 2026. This conveys a global cultural shift towards more agile and intelligent business methods.  Companies that fail to adopt digital […]

How to Create a Custom Router Class in PHP

Are you looking for a way to hide your .PHP extension from the URL and secure your app. This article explores how you can create a custom router class to handle all your HTTP requests from the browser. Working with Routers When using a PHP framework, you map file paths in the address bar directly […]

Cloud Computing Infrastructure: Everything You Need to Know

Cloud computing is renting a broad and complex infrastructure setup to provide cloud services and products to customers. It allows users to access resources like business applications, data storage, and networking solutions via the web.  Cloud computing requires a collection of hardware and software components called cloud computing infrastructure to work. The architectural framework of […]

Node Js vs JavaScript 

We think of JavaScript when designing a dynamic and interactive website and Node Js for backend development. Since JavaScript is great for front-end development, many people are curious about its capabilities on the server side. However, it’s good to note that JavaScript and Node Js differ. While Javascript is a front-end language, Node Js is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Banking in Gibraltar

In this article, we discuss banking in Gibraltar. We’ll uncover the advantages of opening a bank in Gibraltar, why Gibraltar banks might interest you, and who can benefit from banking in Gibraltar the most.  Since Gibraltar’s banking sector underwent a massive overhaul to eliminate tax loopholes and shed its tax haven status in the past […]

Is There a Way to Avoid Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty can make a property quite expensive. So, most buyers will ask, “Is there a way to avoid stamp duty?” Read on to find 10 tips to avoid it.

What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a Home

You need a minimum credit score of 500 to 700 to buy a home in 2023. Lenders favour applicants with higher credit scores, but getting a mortgage with a lower credit score is possible.  The best manoeuvre is avoiding conventional loans, which require a minimum credit score of 620. Other loan types allow for lower […]

What is the best OS for Web Servers?

The foundational software on your web server is an Operating System (OS.) Linux is the most dominant web server OS, and its distributions are widely adopted. One renowned enterprise-class Linux distribution for virtual private servers is CentOS 7. It’s popular for stability, high security, and numerous control panel options.  Popular Web Server Operating Systems  Before we look […]

Make Your Hawaiʻi Vacation 2023 More Meaningful with The Mālama Hawaiʻi Program

Meaningful, mindful, and regenerative travel is the new kind of sustainable tourism for those visiting Hawaiʻi. It’s the art of being present, immersed, and positively impacting wherever you go.    Oahu welcomes tourists to mālama Hawaiʻi, an initiative program to encourage tourists to give back to nature and leave the islands better.  Through the Mālama […]