Hi there,

I'm Alex Muiruri

A Full Stack Web Developer

I have 6 years of freelance tech and casino writing experience and 3 years of coding experience. I can help you design web apps using NodeJS, NextJS, and Laravel and craft engaging content for your website.

Open to work

Jobs: Freelance Copywriter, Technical Writer, Web Content Writer, Laravel Developer and Full Stack System Developer

Skills Earned

Blog Writing, SEO Writing, Tech Writing, Proofreading, Documentation Writing, React, PHP, Laravel, Jquery, MySQL, APIs, and OAuth

About Me

Thanks for visiting my resume website. Read on to learn about my skills and services -- hopefully I'll help you eliminate that initial skeptism :)

Hi there,

I'm Alex Muiruri, a tech writer and full-stack web developer. I specialize in creating curated content for fintech, cyber security, web development, cloud hosting, and investment companies and developing admin dashboards for SMBs.

I can work with an agile team to develop a system than meets your requirements or design an entire system from scratch. I'm well-versed in creating Laravel, React, NextJS, and Python applications with basic to complex functionalities.

I can also help you create AI-free and original content that connects with customers, increases brand awareness, and improves your search engine ranking. Contact me at content@alexmuiruri.com for long and short-form copy, blog posts, feature articles, and custom web designs.

If you're just scrolling through my website, read one of my sample articles below and tell me what you think. Your views are important to me. Thanks.


Sample Projects I've worked on before

React Movie Site

With: React, TheMovieDB

Simple Laravel Blog

With: Laravel, Bootstrap

Writers Management System

With: PHP, MySQL, Jquery

Chama Management Website

With: Laravel, Argon Dashboard



Full Stack Javascript Developer Sep 2, 2023-Present

I analyze different APIs for performance so we can integrate them into a riskact app. I've tested APIs from Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twilio, Zoom, ChatGPT, and Dropbox..


Freelance Casino Writer Jan 9, 2023- Present

I write interesting guides on how to play, win, and strategize casino gameplays. Interesting topics I've worked on include Getting The Best Out of an Online Bingo Site, How To Enjoy a Night of Playing Bingo, etc.


Freelance Tech Writer Feb 9, 2022-Aug 30, 2023

I wrote long-form guides about dedicated and Bare-Metal Servers. Interesting topics I've worked on include Best Web Browsers for Ubuntu, Heroku vs AWS: Decoding the Best Platform For Your Development Needs, etc.


Software Review Copywriter Jan 30, 2023-Jun 30, 2023

I wrote software reviews and comparison articles for different brands and websites. Articles that I worked on include 7 Best CRM for Marketing (2023 Ranked & Reviewed), 5 Best CRM for Business Development [2023 Reviewed], etc.


Search Engine Optimization Copywriter June 9, 2022-Nov 20, 2022

Writing product reviews of top PEO, Payroll, and HR management brands. I also worked on product comparisons for top hosting, cloud-based, and eCommerce platforms. Interesting articles I worked on include TriNet vs Insperity, Gusto vs PayChex, and more.


Freelance Content Contributor Mar 14, 2019- April 20, 2022

My tasks entailed: creating top reviews for the latest vehicle models; researching and coming up with SEO friendly content and copy for multiple car dealers websites; researching and writing engaging copy for multiple niches and different organizations.

Skills Earned

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Word Processing
  • StoryTelling & Copwriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Back-End Web Development
  • PHP & NodeJS & React
  • Laravel + Composer
  • MySQL + CPanel + Git
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JQuery + AJAX + Vanilla JS
  • Bootstrap & TailWind CSS
  • HTML responsive design


Data Camp

Data Science With Python Sep 2, 2023-Present

The certification focused on machine learning and data science with Python. I learned data visualization, analysis, and manipulation using python libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.

Coursera IBM

IBM Back-End JavaScript Developer Jan 9, 2023- Present

I learned to build, deploy, test, run, and manage full-stack applications. We covered technologies such as Git, Docker, Application Security, Serverless Computing, Containers, REACT, and AWS.

Pricing/Hour: $15 USD

  • Front-end UI/UX Design
  • Back-end Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • React & NextJS Apps
  • Laravel & WordPress