Hi, I am

Alex Muiruri,

a Freelance Content Marketer and Copywriter.

Alex is a versatile business owner who majored in computer science but enjoys exploring new areas in finance. He writes enticing vehicle reviews, product descriptions, and blog posts, and you can expect him to always meet your deadlines and provide you with high-quality, unique content. You can also manage your work on this website, which comes with a CMS for content generation. Reach out to him below to find out more about his services.

Creative Content That Sells

Let's Create Copy that Appeals to Your Audience

If you direct the operations of a small to mid-sized business, balancing the business’s expenses with its goals can help you insure its consistent growth. And since you still have plenty of untapped potential with solid revenue streams, increasing your audience engagement with compelling content can hook them into your marketing funnel so that you can market to them in the future.

Here, I focus on creating high-quality content and copy that’s evergreen, targeted for your brand, and useful in leading your audience down the marketing funnel. I’ve got the tools to help you create, manage and distribute your content, reducing most expenses required during content creation.

Ready to discuss your marketing goals with me and strategize on practices to help guide you through your marketing journey. I’ve got ample client experience to help you create SEO and social media content that’ll help transition your audience through your marketing funnel. Simply send me an email with your available date and time on your calendar, and I’ll be in touch.

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What can I do for you?


01. How-To Guides

Writing a product guide and helping readers to perform an action is crucial in leading through a marketing funnel. You need someone to lead your reader to decide to use your product or service.

02. Auto Guides

Most automotive product readers are already product-aware. And with so many websites to choose from, you need high-quality content with new and fascinating information. That’s the edge that may set you apart from the alternatives.

03. Product Reviews

Whether you want to sell your products or feature listicles with amazing products, you must embed personalized and valuable information that can help your readers make a buying decision. With my diverse experience in writing product reviews, you can rely on me for valuable and informative product reviews.

04. CopyWriting

I’ve been writing copy on the internet for over fourteen years. Whether you are working on an online course, a book or a website, I can help you get your copy into shape so that you can share your beautiful work with the world.  I charge $85/hour, and I am happy to do an email consultation and get you a quote for free.

05. Content Marketing

Leading brands and retailers chose StoryStream to help them scale and drive more value from user-generated content across their business. The combination of our unique technology and expert support services set us apart. It’s the reason why leading brands and retailers are turning to us to help them transform how they engage customers with UGC at scale.

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