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When looking for a skilled writer, you've got to check out Alex Muiruri. He specializes in creating highly engaging educational content for cyber security, web development, cloud hosting, and investment companies.

He can help increase your outreach and visibility by producing high-quality content that adheres to your brand's guidelines. Reach out to him for long- or short-form guides, B2B content, and simplified technical articles.


Accelerate Your Business Growth through Digital Transformation: Key Insights from Jane’s Tech Company
Digital transformation is no longer optional for companies looking to accelerate their growth and remain competitive. In 2022, global digital transformation expenditure was projected to reach $1.6 trillion. That figure...
Cloud Computing Infrastructure: Everything You Need to Know
Cloud computing is renting a broad and complex infrastructure setup to provide cloud services and products to customers. It allows users to access resources like business applications, data storage, and...
Node Js vs JavaScript 
We think of JavaScript when designing a dynamic and interactive website and Node Js for backend development. Since JavaScript is great for front-end development, many people are curious about its...
The Ultimate Guide to Banking in Gibraltar
In this article, we discuss banking in Gibraltar. We'll uncover the advantages of opening a bank in Gibraltar, why Gibraltar banks might interest you, and who can benefit from banking...
Is There a Way to Avoid Stamp Duty?
While many new property owners may want to avoid stamp duty on second homes, the option is not feasible for everyone. Avoiding stamp duty might lead to an HMRC investigation into tax avoidance...
What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a Home
You need a minimum credit score of 500 to 700 to buy a home in 2023. Lenders favour applicants with higher credit scores, but getting a mortgage with a lower...
What is the best OS for Web Servers?
The foundational software on your web server is an Operating System (OS.) Linux is the most dominant web server OS, and its distributions are widely adopted. One renowned enterprise-class Linux distribution for...
Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing
Cloud technology service providers rarely spell out the terminology they use. You might find companies interchangeably using terms like cloud platforms, cloud computing, and cloud storage, making it hard to...
Which is a better business phone system — RingCentral or Nextiva?
Nextiva and RingCentral are renowned outlets you might consider when shopping for an office-based communications solution. They are two of the most efficient and possibly cheapest VoIP phone services, and...

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