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B2B/B2C Direct Response Copywriter for Hire.

Do you want to double, triple, or maybe quadruple your online revenue?

You are probably just looking for someone who can help reduce your workload within your company;

A writer who can pass the right and intended message to your audience;

Or even a professional who will take care of your business needs and move it from a startup website to a well-established enterprise…

Maybe you’ve figured that you will run your business one step at a time …

…Starting on your minor requirements before researching on how to grow a SIX-FIGURE business.

But, as it normally turns out, you might be the essential key to all the potential success; you just don’t know it yet. 

Dear Entrepreneur,

What if I told you that you don’t need a certified copywriter or a sales and marketing expert to double, triple, or even quadruple your online revenue?

It would seem absurd, right?

I mean, nothing is normally that simple. You need a professional who has more experience in the field on online marketing to help you make educated guesses. Otherwise, you are doomed. Am I right?


Doubling your online income can be the easiest thing that you’ve ever done. You don’t need great experience or knowledge…

…Just imagine if you could also enjoy your sweet returns without great efforts and overburdening yourself with tasks,

Think about the new and more entertaining business ventures to immerse yourself into,

Or take that vacation with your family; basking in the sun with your laptop to check on and find new ideas for content,

You may also analyse previously written content and designed websites and see where you can implement what you’ll have learnt to increase revenue.

And it will all be made possible due to the one successful enterprise in your hands…

…You just need to master a few elements, which you already have in your possession! Let me explain…

No Hustle, No Buzzle

You see,

If you are targeting to outrank them on Search Engines and make sales from organic traffic, then you have a long way to go. Appearing on search results does not guarantee sales and conversions. However, it is a good method to earn traffic if you want to journey through that road.

But, what if I told you that you don’t need to worry about your competitors? What if there are simple steps involved to boost your sales and conversions without being affected by your competitor’s schemes?

…It’s easy.

I’ve worked so hard … over the past few years, reading books, taking courses, and even building demo websites just to find out the tactics that work best.

After 3 long years of trial and error, I finally figured out the right tactics to move your customer from ordinary internet browsers to consistent buyers for your products. There is simply no need to keep wondering in and out of search engine bots, while you can be nurturing your prospects at home…

Using This Trick, it Doesn’t Matter if You Rank Last on Search Engines

Making online sales involves a long process that is meant to inform, build trust, and, ultimately, make the sales. Each and every step in the funnel is crucial to the success of the sales process.

These are the steps that major companies use to outsmart other competitors and, before they know it, outrank them — since consistent traffic also boosts Search Engine presence.

I don’t plan on keeping you in the dark about the steps since we are going to be working together to boost your business. Instead, I want you to be aware of the steps to help us measure the success of your business in a few months’ time.

The steps include:

  • Targeting the right audience.
  • Building awareness.
  • Generating leads.
  • Driving considerations.
  • Asking for the sales.
  • And, managing your prospects.

Over the next few days, my team and I can work with you to improve your business using the above strategy. We will start with your website, navigate through your social media, all the way to your email campaign.

We can Help Boost Your Business Using these Simple Strategies…

Now, if you are looking for a world-class copywriter to write smart and funny sales letters, blog posts, and emails, then this is not the right place for you!

We do not work to entertain our readers, and when we do, we don’t target to make sales. We are not smart comedians. Otherwise, it would be difficult for us to influence your audience into making crucial steps that may change their lives forever.

However, if you want researchers who work to understand your audience, pinpoint their pains and problems, find your unique selling point, and turn the readers into customers …

… then you are in the right place!

My team and I have been working to write the perfect sales letters, educative email campaigns, and even blog posts that not only capture the audience, but also hook them into your website, where they feel at a better chance of getting the services and goods they desire.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, we promise to work with you hand-in-hand, to find out your dream and make it a reality in the online media. You may not even believe the transition when we are done.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

Website Design

The greatest mistake the most website owners make is the failure to organise their content on their websites. Readers are busy. They need to understand exactly whatever that you do within 8 seconds and how it relates to them. Otherwise, the readers will exit in a jiffy.
Blog posts

The content needs to be well-organised for them to peruse, skim, and also figure out if it is helpful to them. Over the next few days, we will ensure that your business purpose is clearly defines and readers do not have to struggle to find out what you do.
Social Media Marketing

In case you are wondering how you will get traffic to your website. Well, our social media and email marketing tactics are on another level. We will create guaranteed marketing tactics, groups, and even lead magnets to generate the audience that you deserve.
Email Marketing

The greatest element of Email and Social media marketing is that it requires less time to perfect, and you get the traffic you need. You don’t have to stuff keywords like your competitors, spend days analysing google bots, or write irrelevant posts for null purposes.
Lead Nurturing

After attracting your audience, we work to impress them with the solutions that you offer. The benefits of working with you, and also some awesome tutorials, Pdfs, ebooks, and also white papers if you want. This is where we try to be smart.
Sales pages and letters

The call to action is the most significant element in any sales process. It is the point where your customers move translate from ordinary leads to conversions. We value the sales process and work to deliver the perfect sales letters for each product.

This Could be Your Ultimate Formula for Online Success and Consistent Sales…

To tell you the truth, when I started this copywriting business I thought that I would be writing remarkable sales letters and have customers lining up to buy my clients’ products just like magic. I was wrong…

… We all are. This is not magic.

After regularly doing it wrong, I realised that writing gorgeous pages with little text, and adding some impressive tricks from guru copywriters on the internet does not cut it…

People do not buy your magic, grammar, or even design… They buy your etiquette.

However, your etiquette is defined by your grammar, design, and magical influential tricks. This is mainly because people cannot see you and judge your sales etiquette from their screens.

Therefore, while building your website, we are not only defining your brand… we are introducing you to your prospects.

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. 

Tom Peters in Fast Company

Get the picture?

In order to boost your leads and sales effectiveness, we need to work day-and-night trying to figure out your audience, pass the right message at the right stage, and make them feel comfortable being around us.

Most of us get lost into the copywriting tricks and forget that the ultimate call to action comes from the buyer; they are the ones who decide when to buy and when to ignore.

To dig deeper into this, let me help you understand customers just a little bit…

There are four types of customers:

The first one is aware of their problems, knows about your solutions, is willing to make a purchase from you either because he/she knows you, lives near you, or has any other reason to trust you, and has financially stable and can make the purchase immediately. This is the type of a customer who will purchase from you soon after landing on your website.

It’s good to know: these type of customers are very few…

The second type is aware of their problem, your solutions, and is willing to make the purchase. However, they are not financially capable of making the purchase at the moment.

These are the people, whom you keep reminding of their desires. Otherwise they forget.

The third type is aware about their problem, but he/she does not have an immediate solution to their problem or they simply don’t trust you.

These are the people whom most copywriters work very hard to impress. They are difficult to deal with, sceptical, and ask a lot of questions. However, they form the greatest number in the world.

The fourth type of customers does not know about their problem, the solution, and, according to him/her, life is perfect. If it’s money, they have a fair job; healthwise, they believe it’s a family weakness; technologically, HD quality products are junk for the rich; and many more excuses to justify problems.

These are the people you need to start working with from the top of the funnel. Educate them and have them know that they can afford particular products, their problems are curable, and many more things.

After understanding your customer, it should be easy to market yourself…

… You can be able to introduce yourself as the character that demands the most trust. That is the caring gentleman or counsellor, the understanding lawyer, the qualified doctor, or even the perfect salesman.

With that, you can build your brand, start compiling your leads, and, before you know it, make sales.

It is as easy as ABC.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Step 1. Let us build your website. We work on designing a funnel, where readers who land on your website are smoothly navigated to the sales page or the lead magnet.
  • Step 2. Let us build your Blog, Social media marketing strategy, and Email campaign to increase your traffic, while still bringing the most important customers.
  • Step 3. We do not neglect SEO. We also ensure that your website obeys all the SEO rules to reduce your advertising budget.
  • Step 4. We nurture your leads, recommend surveys, and offer the products required to build trust.
  • Step 5. Lastly, we will craft those perfect sales letters and landing pages to help you ask for the sales nicely.

You Could Also Start Your Online excellence Right Here.

Now, if you are already halfway through this process, do not worry. Just make a call to us, let us analyse your funnels, and we might as well recommend some awesome techniques to boost your sales, as we continue designing the funnel.

An Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Ignore

What I’m suggesting today is a simple leap of faith… it is a step that could move your business from a pebble in the soil to a unique business that shines.

You know, there is no perfect writer, worker, or helper. The only person who can help you achieve your dreams exactly how you want them is yourself. This is the reason why most of us don’t like hiring others; simply because we don’t think that they might be able to understand or help us realize our dreams.

But I’m not a god to study your dreams. And I know that I am not the perfect, proud, writer who demands you to do things which I think will work best for you from my hunches either. I’m not a person who tries to impress you with keyword stuffed content, which I know wouldn’t help you make sales. I don’t even believe in submitting spun content.

But I can help you realise your dreams and make garner your best customers.

If you already have a product that you can sell online … and you’re eager to bring it as many customers as you can get… Customers who will not only buy your product, but also be loyal to you… then place an order today for our copywriting services, and garner yourself some leads and make the sales you deserve.

Simply click on the link below, or if you’d prefer to place a call for more details and talk with one of our team to understand how our Services work, contact us at 254-700-278-347 during regular business hours. (You will not be charged for consultation)

Remember, there’s no risk involved. And you could wake up to some more customers each day and a penny in your wallet every hour.

Click below now to get started immediately.


 Alex Muiruri
Freelance Copywriter

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P.S. “Running a business smoothly can mean the difference between success and failure.” I like that sentiment.

And it’s one shared by our team leader and my mentor whom you will be talking to for free website analysis.

We will also give you a questionnaire, which will help us evaluate your business and goals.

In his words “And even if we don’t end up working together, I probably have some ideas you can implement on your own.”

So either way, you stand to lose nothing.

Let us analyse your website and business — at no charge — simply click below today, and we will contact you As Soon As Possible.

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