Who the Heck is Alex Muiruri?

Alex is a freelancer who writes enticing reviews, product descriptions, guides, and blog posts. You can expect him to meet your deadlines and provide high-quality, unique content consistently.

His skills include search engine optimization, strategizing, research, and writing. He often creates content in tech, finance, HR, and automotive topics.

His Recent Samples:

Coined by Hubspot, the term inbound marketing has now become synonymous with digital marketing. It refers to a form of modern marketing that majors in customer attraction, conversion, closing, and...

Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

When people hear the term SaaS, most picture complex algorithms for data hosting software on the cloud. But, SaaS is quite simple. It’s basically a software distribution model, where third...

What is SaaS and Why Is It Important?

The Increasing Demand of Automatic Watering Systems in Growing the Future Economies According to Technavio, the global drip irrigation system market was projected to increase by 14% from 2016 to 2022...

Smart Irrigation Systems

In recent decades, thousands of startups have sprouted in efforts to follow the trailblazing path of Facebook, Twitter, and others in the commercial business arena. The CEOs of these companies...

Things to consider before launching a startup

In the coming months -- June and July -- we have organized major annual Chef Events in Asia. The events will involve Chef Competitions, championships, and exhibitions, including the major...

All our upcoming events in June and July

This article discusses the top issues that make your TV refuse to start. It includes top issues most people raised on social media and forums and issues solutions that worked....

Why won’t my Hisense TV Start?

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Balancing the business’s expenses with its goals can help you secure its consistent growth. And since you still have plenty of untapped potential with solid revenue streams, increasing your audience engagement with compelling content can hook them into your marketing funnel so that you can target them in future campaigns.

Here, I focus on creating high-quality content and copy that’s evergreen, valuable, and targeted for your brand. I’ve got the tools to help you create, manage and distribute your content, reducing most expenses required during content creation.

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